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Summer Reading List & Challenge

We've created a Summer Reading List of books by indie authors! According to Alliance Independent, "an indie author is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry books who self-publishes their own work and retains and controls their own publishing rights. Unlike authors who self-publish a book for family, friends, or the community, an indie author (wants to) make a living from writing and publishing books."

To receive a downloadable list, complete this form. Additionally, we've secured sponsors to provide prizes for those who participate in our BINGO challenges.

We'll also schedule interviews with the authors. Use the comments to post questions and share which author from the list you'd like to chat with the most!

Currently, we only have picture books on the list, but will add middle-grade and adult books in the next round of updates on July 1st and August 1st! If you're an indie author and want to submit a book for review, read this blog for details.

Here are a few options for readers on different levels, from voracious readers to those who need more support or guidance in their selection. You can download the challenges below.

Reading Challenges
Download PDF • 881KB

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