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Homeschooling in Louisiana

There are two ways to homeschool in our state.  You must register annually (within 15 days of beginning) under the:

Home Study Program online or through a physical submission. This type requires state approval and families must submit one of the following:
a) A complete, but simple, outline of the subjects taught during the previous year;
b) A complete, but simple, list of books and materials that were used;
c) A statement from a 3rd party (e.g. relative, friend) observing the student’s progress;
d) Copies of a small sampling of the student’s work from the previous year. Please send only 1-2 pages per core subject area taught (i.e. Math, English, Social Studies, Science); and,
e) A report card and/or copies of standardized tests or verification that the child has taken a standardized examination and scored at or above the grade level or the child has progressed at a rate equal to one grade level for each year in home study program. Test options include, but not limited to: iLeap, Leap, EOC ACT, SAT, IOWA, CAT, or Stanford. 


Non Public School Submit a physical letter or email annually with your intent to homeschool.  One benefit to this manner is that it doesn't require additional documents to state; however, children under this program are not eligible for TOPS or participation in public school sports programs.

Visit the Dept. of Education website for details on their new online registration process.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so make the best decision for your family.   Withdraw your child from school if applicable.  
2. Define education and determine your educational philosophy.
3. Keep good records.
4. Connect with a local support group.
5. Repeat annually.  

In LA, there are no benefits to registering either way until high school. Make the best choice for your family.

Online programs, recreation opportunities, homeschool discounts, and a lending library details are shared here.

From extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities to job listings and clubs, visit this link to find resources for your family.

Sports Practice

Homeschooling High Schoolers deserve all of the accolades and aids. This page is full of resources to help you enjoy the teen years while preparing your child to thrive as an adult.

Eating Breafast

There are many websites to educate or supplement your child's curriculum. This is a shortlist of our favorite free resources!

Website on Laptop

Here's a current list of businesses that extend teacher discounts to homeschoolers. Let us know if there are any others we should add to the list.

Teacher and Pupil
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