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Invest in Your Family

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Can you believe it is October already? That phrase accompanies the last quarter of the year. As the holiday season begins, it's easy to forget to create memories with the people who mean the most to us. Whoever you consider family is who you should complete this BINGO with this month.

Feel free to modify this list or create your own to fit your particular needs. This month, we are intentionally making memories with our loved ones.

There are a few different ways you can use this activity. If you are adventurous, you can print it out, cut them up and randomly select one to complete each day. I'm not that brave.

Another option (which I'm more comfortable doing) is to look at your calendar for the month and determine which activity fits your schedule that day. For me, a PJ Day is likely to fall on a weekend, while sharing a trait would be scheduled on a busy day because it doesn't take much time. You decide how many activities you can complete this month without the pressure of completing them all! If you can only accomplish five, create five meaningful memories. Keep them as simple as possible also. Some of these activities can occur on the drive to school, such as discovering a new artist or listening to an audiobook.

The outdoor meal doesn’t have to be elaborate, order takeout. When you take the kids for holiday minis, schedule an extra session for a family photo! You may even want to take a personal day just to have fun together. Alternatively, you could plan these activities over the next few months to make the most of the upcoming school breaks.

Over the past week, the weather has been ideal for eating outside. If you happened to have done any of these since October 1st, it counts!!! One of our favorite breakfasts is a French Toast Casserole; add bacon or sausage and a fruit salad to complete the meal.

Depending on the ages of your children, you may need to include them in the planning to ensure negative attitudes don’t thwart your good intentions—nothing compares to the angst of a teen to pull the mood in the room way down. Ask them which they are most or least excited about, if they have any other suggestions, and which they would like to lead.

If they want to plan an ice cream breakfast, send them to the store with a budget to get the ice cream and all the toppings, or give them the budget and allow them to plan the day trip. Explain that this goal is to create positive family memories, learn something new about each other, and have fun together! Helping everyone look forward to the event will go a long way to ensuring a more positive experience. Even if you have someone who isn’t chipper, asking them to photograph the event counts as participation, or allowing each child to create a playlist for the day trip could make a long drive more enjoyable.

Share how you are completing this list. Will you take an in-person or virtual class to learn something new, or will you watch a documentary? Will you incorporate any of these into your regular schedule?

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