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Invest in Your Community

This month, we’ll discuss ways to invest in our community. We’ll focus on traditional and nontraditional ways to improve the lives of those around you. Although volunteering is fulfilling in many ways, it's not always easy to start. At Time with Ty, we’re working on ways to change that. Our inaugural Time to Play nonprofit night at Carousel Gardens in City Park is March 3, 2023. This event brings together adults, our potential volunteers, organizations, and businesses.

At Time with Ty, we understand and promote the importance of play for adults. In addition to reducing stress, play improves your brain function, stimulates the mind, and boosts activity. All of that makes us better in all of the roles we play manage. To encourage adults to play, we’re facilitating a series of events to fulfill that need. Play is a form of self-care, and in this case, a boost to community non-profits.

Besides supporting your community, what’s in it for you? If you are a parent, you likely know the benefits of play for your children. However, you may not realize the numerous advantages of playing for YOU! While not exhaustive, this is a great list of many perks.

A pillar of Time with Ty is community service. From speaking with hundreds of individuals over the past decade about their level of volunteerism, large portions of the population are open to serving the community but aren’t quite sure how to start or where to go. Some people don't want to do it alone, others don't want to work with people. Some are available on weekends and others during the daytime. Let's face it, finding a soft entry point or a meaningful organization fitting your values and schedules is challenging enough to prevent you from moving forward. We've seen it happen numerous times. We would like to offer that soft entry point for those looking to volunteer. As a result, we gathered 18 extraordinary nonprofit organizations to participate at Time to Play. They will share their mission, organization needs, and support opportunities with attendees.

How do you participate?

Click on the logos* below to learn more about the selected organizations and visit Time with Ty to purchase tickets to support your preferred nonprofit. If you aren't partial to any organization, there's a general ticket option also. Proceeds will be divided evenly for all organizations. There is a finite number of tickets available, so order early to ensure financial support of your preferred organization.

What happens that night?

On March 3, 2022 (after Mardi Gras) nonprofit organizations and businesses will have tables out to share with you during the first 90 minutes. We encourage you to visit as many tables as possible to learn which, if any, organization would be a good fit for you. From sailing and swimming to domestic violence and educational services, these organizations will inspire you to seek opportunities to assist them. With 80% of the $25 ticket sales going to the organizations, you are also financially supporting them with your ticket purchase. You select the organization to help when you buy your ticket. You can split your tickets between organizations if you want to support more than one.

In addition to an all-adult evening at Carousel Gardens with food, beverages, wine, and beer available for purchase, you have the opportunity to connect with old friends and meet new ones! Coworkers, neighbors, grad students, empty nesters, new parents, or retirees are all ideal participants for an evening of fun!

Now that you know who our audience is and how Time to Play will help you and your community, are you ready? Purchase your tickets today! The first 100 participants will receive a complimentary glass of wine or beer on March 3rd! The organization to sell the most tickets will also receive a $500 bonus! Spread the word to support your favorite organization.

*additional information on The SEED and Parenting for Life Resource Center will be added later this month.

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