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Helping Teen Parents

We're excited to announce Generation Hope in our quest to share meaningful volunteer opportunities with you. Did you know that only 2% of teen moms earn their college degree by the age of 30? Generation Hope is moving the needle on that statistic by pairing college-going teen parents with caring mentors (as well as providing scholarships & wraparound services).

Generation Hope will have 25 young parents (mostly moms but a handful of dads!) in our Scholar program for the first time in NOLA this upcoming year, and we can only take as many Scholars as we have mentors!

Would you like to help a whole family thrive by supporting a teen parent pursuing their college degree? Our mentoring opportunity is a unique one - mentors provide guidance, coaching, encouragement, all the typical mentor components, BUT - they also directly fund their mentee's scholarship, too, meaning they've got even more skin in the game when it comes to helping their Scholar succeed!

Whether you have time, money, or both, this organization changes lives. To apply, click this link and tell us a little about you! As I said, all you need is a big heart and an open mind! Applications are accepted through 6/1!

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