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Do you get to read?

Are you reading as much as you would like to?

As a child, I enjoyed reading but eventually lost that passion. After college, I rediscovered my love for reading, but time was an issue. I remember when my children were young, we’d go to the library to check out books with the caveat that we couldn’t read in the car. Once we arrived home, we’d have an hour or two of reading/rest/nap time, depending on our needs that afternoon. Unfortunately, the busier I got with kids, volunteering, and responsibilities, the less time I had to read a book physically. Over the years, we’d listen to audiobooks on road trips, but my older kids didn’t care for them because of how slow they were, so it wasn’t a regular habit. About three years ago, I rediscovered audiobooks, and my life hasn’t been the same.

How do you select a reading goal?

My initial goal was to read 12 books my first year. I figured one book a month was doable. It

was! After surpassing that goal, I doubled it the following two years. Like many, when I set a goal; it’s easier for me to accomplish a task. Consider what you have going on for the year when setting your reading goal and how you respond to goals. Personally, I’d prefer to exceed a goal than just miss it. This year, I’m sticking with 24 because of how much I have on my plate.

Do you read from one genre or various?

I love self-help books. I’m in a perpetual season of growth, so I love books that motivate, inspire, and empower us to be better versions of ourselves. I also enjoy science fiction, memoirs, biographies, fiction, religion & spirituality, parenting & families, humor, young adult, romance, and thriller. Yes, the short answer is yes, I read various genres.

Do you force yourself to finish books?

No. Time is too important to invest hours into a book you don’t like. Several years ago, I begrudgingly read a book. I kept reading past the point of - I don’t like this, ugh, this is awful, I can’t believe people are buying this. I wanted to see if there was any redeeming information, but there was not. I remember wishing I had that time back; that was the last time I forced myself to complete a book. Now, I permit myself to let it go. However, there are only a handful of books I haven’t finished.

How do you select books?

I use a variety of sources, from friends and family to Good Reads and interviews. Typically, I look at the reviews unless it’s something I know I want to read- then I just go for it.

Why did you start a book club?

I discuss books with friends; it’s better when they’ve read them too. Have you ever read a book and shared it ad naseum? A Knock at Midnight by Brittany Barnes was my favorite and inspired me to start the book club, so I could discuss it with others who read it. I recommended and gifted it to several people that year.

Do Audiobooks Count?

YES! This is not school, and you aren't learning how to read. While people have preferences, they are just that. Never let someone else's preference or comments prevent you from learning, growing, or enjoying life or a good book! Personally, I love books narrated by the author. It feels like an intimate interaction with them.

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