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Creating a whole and balanced family, marriage, and self

One of my latest creations is a guide for a whole and balanced family, marriage, and self. This guide is designed to provide an overview of your priority areas, help you narrow down your top three motivations, and create a plan to move you closer to the life you desire.

Each focus area: self-care, family, homeschooling/education, marriage, and community are addressed in this resource with the intention of being proactive instead of reactive. As we are QUICKLY reentering the world after our hiatus, let us be mindful of aspects of life we actually enjoyed when we were forced to slow down. Did you learn how to have fun with your children again? Did you exercise as a family? Did you read or create new traditions? Creating a plan will help us keep what we enjoyed from the past year as our calendars repopulate.

Besides the forced slow down that we are anxious to move past, life’s responsibilities pull us apart. If we want to ensure that we have healthy marriages after our children have grown up and moved out, we need to invest in our marriages now. How do you do that? Is there a regular date night where you don’t discuss the kids, household improvement projects, or work? Think about the hours you spent learning about your partner during your courtship. Acknowledging that we continue to evolve, how have your partner’s views or priorities changed over the past year? This guide will help you answer these questions and more. Become a member or to our email list and download your free copy now. Purchase both the mom’s and dad’s journals and receive a printed version of the guide, or you can order a printed version through our store. Click below to sign up or become a member!

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