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Christmas cancelled, now what?

I've talked to so many people this week who have had their plans changed at the last minute due to someone being exposed, sick, or wanting to protect another family member. It's disappointing. Allow yourself time to grieve the family celebration they anticipated, then create a new plan for the day. Here are suggestions on how you can spend Christmas:

  • Open presents at midnight, stay up as late as you want playing and sleep as long as you’d like on Christmas Day

  • Create blocks for the day that work for your family, 4 3-hour blocks will cover most of your day. Blocks can include: watching a movie, playing games, watching sports, visiting a park, packing food and eating a meal outdoors, make holiday videos, video calls with friends and family, redecorate a room, have a cookie decorating challenge with families virtually

  • Learn about different cultures and how they celebrate winter holidays

  • Call friends and family that you haven’t spoken to in a while to catch up with them

  • Listen to a new audiobook

  • Try a new look - hairstyle, clothing, or make up

  • Put on a fashion show

  • Share stories about family members or favorite Christmas traditions

  • Make a gratitude list- use your calendar, planner, or past emails and texts to create a list of things to be grateful for for the entire year

  • Cook a meal that you love, but usually requires too much time

  • Drive around to view Christmas decorations, there are amazing houses across the city!

  • Dance it out- have a dance party to end all dance parties.

  • Create a holiday masterpiece, based on the supplies you have, you can draw or paint

  • Gather items to donate to make way for your new gifts

  • Create a kindness calendar for the 12 Days of Christmas, which start December 26th

  • Schedule another time for your family to gather

  • Download an Escape Room kit that you can print and organize in your home

  • Binge watch a series to prepare for or explain a movie currently in the theater

  • Inventory your holiday supplies to see if you need to add to your treasures (décor, wrapping paper, gift bags, organizers...)

  • Go through family pictures and share the story behind the picture!

If you had to adjust your holiday plans comment on this post with how you spent your Christmas. One person who comments by 10 p.m. Saturday night will win a pair of tickets for date night or a ticket to one of the goal setting workshops!

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