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Calling Nonprofit Organizations

As you know, I am passionate about supporting nonprofit organizations. I'm excited to share with you that during the month of October, we will be highlighting a different nonprofit organization every day. Would you be interested in joining us?

We are developing a nonprofit database that connects organizations with supporters who are passionate about their mission and want to make a difference. By being a part of our database, your organization can reach a broader audience of potential donors, volunteers, and supporters. You can share information about your mission, events, and fundraising campaigns with people who are looking to get involved with causes they care about.

Additionally, your organization will have the opportunity to connect with other nonprofits in our database, allowing you to build relationships and collaborate with like-minded organizations. We understand the importance of the work that nonprofits like yours are doing, and we want to support your efforts in any way we can. Joining our database can help you expand your network and increase your impact.

In addition to the database, we provide opportunities to table at family-friendly and adult-only events. Learn more about our Time to Play event here; we plan to host another in April. We have a Homeschool Friends and Family Night in November in City Park, which could be an excellent event for you if you serve families or parents or accept young volunteers. With over 500 guests already signed up, it’s a great way to connect with local families.

Join our nonprofit database! Complete this form, and we will provide you with more information about how to get involved and share your information. Visit our website and social media platforms to see if your organization is featured this month!

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in our community.

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