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It's time for a check in

Whether you create the beginning of the year goals, intentions, or resolutions, July is a great time to revisit them. You may find that you're on track to complete some at the end of the year, while others you may be ahead of schedule, and yet others that you haven't started yet. Before you become exasperated, think about events, especially those unexpected ones that may have impacted your timeline. Some of your intentions from six months ago may have morphed into more important or relevant ones.

I had a series of unexpected major house issues from a leaky roof and AC units requiring replacement to car repairs and refinishing the pool. That series of events impacted my timeline, emotional state, and finances in ways that we had not anticipated. Instead of beating myself up for not decluttering or donating yet, I've given myself more time to start on those. Other items are seasonal. I've had more time to read this summer, accomplishing 70% of my reading goal over the past few weeks.

If you haven't received my guide for a whole, balanced family, marriage,

and self-pick it up! It'll allow you to assess where you can create three goals across various topics to finish this year intentionally and compassionately! When you sign up for my mailing list, you'll receive a pdf copy, or you can order a printed version. There's still time to accomplish quite a bit by the end of the year.

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