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Homeschool Anthology

Homeschooling is a fulfilling and enriching experience I have been fortunate to undertake. In the future, I hope that conversations around education include homeschooling as a viable option alongside private and public schooling. Private, Public, Homeschool? At the beginning of my homeschool journey, a friend invited me to hear a presentation by Lisa Whechel, which included a little about her homeschooled experience. I later read her book, ”So You're Thinking About Home Schooling,” which helped me wrap my head around the potential flexibility. I was organized, but it took effort. I was smart, but not a genius. Once I realized that homeschooling looks different in different families, a weight was lifted, and I was ready to go. Six kids and 20 years later, I am so grateful for that book, and I know parents still have questions.

Homeschooling has evolved significantly over the past two decades, and I am excited to explore the concept further. As part of this exploration, I am creating an anthology on homeschooling and would love to hear from other homeschoolers. Specifically, I am seeking multiple perspectives on origin stories, unexpected benefits, personal and professional growth, methodology, mode of homeschooling, and challenges. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides a starting point for the anthology. 

I’m looking for multiple homeschoolers to share their perspectives on the below topics in 2000-4000 words. The topics below will be covered, but it’s not an exhaustive list; we’re open to additional topics.

In addition to hearing from homeschooling parents, I also want to include essays from homeschooled children, especially adults. I am interested in their experiences, what they learned, and whether they would choose to homeschool their children in the future. I hope that this anthology will provide valuable insights for anyone considering homeschooling as an option for their family.

If you’re interested, please use this form to submit your information by May 31, 2024. If you have any questions, contact us at

Additional information:

There is no fee to participate in the anthology.

All submissions may not be included, we will contact you if selected.

Contributing authors will receive two complimentary books for participation.

Work must be original and not previously published anywhere, including a personal blog.


Origin stories- how did you begin?

Unexpected benefits- the actions or opportunities that happened as a result of homeschooling

Your personal/professional growth- how have you benefitted from homeschooling?

Methodology- which educational philosophy or curriculum did you use?

Mode- did you homeschool solo, in the community, block schedule, or loop schedule?

If I could- what would you do differently if you had the opportunity?

How does pandemic schooling differ from homeschooling?

Tips for:

Homeschooling an only child or many children

Homeschooling multiple ages/grade levels

Homeschooling exceptional children

Homeschooling children smarter than you

Homeschooling while working outside or inside the home or while creating a business

Homeschooling a child with great medical needs

Homeschooling siblings

What were some challenges of homeschooling?

What are the signs of burnout, and how do you overcome it?

If you transitioned into homeschooling, what were some things you thought you’d miss out on and how did that impact your journey?

How did your family dynamic change as a result of homeschooling?

How to know when to stop homeschooling?

What is it like raising children who are educated in multiple ways?

From the current or former homeschooled students: 500-2000-word essays from children, especially adults who were homeschooled.

What was it like being homeschooled?

Would/do you homeschool your children?

What worked/what didn’t?

Did you feel prepared for life?

How do you think it impacted your sibling relationships?

How did being homeschooled with your siblings impact your life?

How did being homeschooled affect your relationship with your parents?

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