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Time for Us 75-Day Marriage Challenge

Updated: Feb 26

Marriage provides a built-in support system and enhances your health, finances, and overall happiness until it doesn't. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a monotonous rhythm? Break free from the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey with our Time for Us 75-Day Marriage Challenge. This blog unveils the magic that happens when partners come together to explore new adventures, share meaningful moments, and strengthen their connections.

Why a Couple Challenge?

Challenges often push individuals out of their comfort zones, fostering personal growth. You will feel invigorated by injecting excitement into your relationship. A Marriage Challenge can breathe new life into your partnership, from facilitating communication to creating lasting memories by developing creative problem-solving skills. Tackling obstacles forces individuals to think critically, consider different perspectives, and discover practical solutions. These shared experiences contribute to a deeper connection between you and your beloved.

How to Get Started:

Once you register, you'll receive a welcome email with the PDF printable file, BINGO cards, and a list of resources to explore before the challenge begins. From setting clear goals to choosing activities that resonate with both partners, this section guides couples through the process of kickstarting their unique journey. A tip I like to share regarding the BINGO sheets is to pull out your calendar and assign dates or to highlight the squares based on time, i.e. green for under 5 minutes, yellow for under 30 minutes, and orange for over an hour. Either way allows for a more manageable selection of action items when you're ready to start. The official start date is Thursday, February 29th, but our kickoff call is on Wednesday, February 28th, at 8 pm CST! The challenge ends on Tuesday, May 14th, and we'll have a celebratory gathering that week! Details forthcoming.


The first commitment is to complete a marriage assessment. After all, you can't fix what you don't know. Next, you're expected to dialogue for 10 minutes a day. While it may seem simple, that is a connection conversation,

not about the kids, bills, household projects, pets, or responsibilities. The focus should be on getting to know your partner better. The final daily commitment is getting enough sleep. There are resources to help uncover common sleep issues with potential solutions. Seeking medical help should be on the table if you have exhausted all other possibilities.


We're in this together! Invite a friend or relative to join the challenge with you. We'll have a weekly Zoom video chat to discuss the weekly check-ins. You are able to share a portion of your answers to the weekly questions or ask questions of the group. There will also be a private group on the website to connect and share with other participants. One page from the couple's date night ideas focuses on double-dating. You may find new couple friends through this challenge!

The Impact on Your Relationship:

Delve into the positive effects of participating in a Couple Challenge. From improved communication skills to a heightened sense of appreciation, witness firsthand the transformative power of shared experiences.

As you embark on this journey together, remember that the Couple Challenge is not just about completing tasks but about savoring the shared moments. Strengthen your relationship, foster a deeper connection, and let the adventure unfold. Are you ready to transform your love story? Take the leap and let the Couple Challenge be your guide!

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