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Virtual Book Tour

Last week wrapped up a week-long virtual book tour with nine other authors nationwide. Each evening, two authors read a story, with a few minutes for discussion afterward.

The diversity and similarities of participating authors and the topics featured are intended to help meet needs of parents and educators for resources on the issues of inclusion, perseverance, self-regulation, and acceptance.

People think writing a book is hard. Potential authors recognize publishing or self-publishing a book is harder. Authors realize marketing a book is the hardest part of the process. The virtual book tour was created to serve the following purposes:

1. entertain children nationwide

2. expose parents to new authors

3. establish a platform for authors to support and encourage each other.

Mission accomplished!

If you missed the event, you can still show support!

1. Buy the book from the author if possible- they usually earn a higher percentage on the book from their website. Retailers receive 30-55% of the book sale. Direct purchases help authors earn more from their books.

2. Leave a review - it means much more than you may realize. With so many books in the market, shoppers look to reviews for guidance with new authors. Placement on some online platforms depend on the number of reviews!

3. Follow the authors via social media or by subscribing to their newsletter, youtube channel, or the like. Once you follow them, you can interact with their posts to help them reach new audiences.

4. Request bookstores or libraries carry their book! Several libraries and bookstores have online customer request forms. Receiving several requests for the same book expresses a need and could result in a purchase.

5. Consider purchases for yourself, gifts, or donations! Consider books for toy drives or donation requests. You could create a wish list of authors you're interested in supporting and review the list when you need a gift.

Learn about the authors through the video below:

Connect with the Authors

The ten authors featured are from CA, IL, NJ, NY, TX, VA, PA, D.C., and LA.

Ty Salvant- The Alphabet of You

Evelyn Grundy- My Violin is Not Broken

Sonya Connor- Susie’s New Glasses

K.A Mullins- Kapi and the Kind Dog

Diane Curley- Asleep At Last

Sharnette Donacien- Ada’s Wash Day

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