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February 25, 2022

Are your tweens and teens struggling with time management and organization? Join us for  a goal setting and executive function workshop. Attendees will learn time management, organization, and  goal setting skills and leave with an undated 12-month planner. 

Younger siblings can play games in another room during the workshop. The entire event will end with pizza for lunch.

June 20 - July 21

We're thrilled to announce group tickets to Hamilton! Use the link above to complete a survey to help us narrow dates. We can submit our top three dates for availability. The sooner we submit, the better chance we have of our first date getting approved. We'll submit our date request by 2/20. Completing the survey doesn't commit you to tickets. However, once we submit our group numbers, we won't be able to add to it. Tickets must be purchased by April 1st

Teen Tuesday in November

There's been a large interest in teen activities! In addition to the separate co-op classes and field trips. There's a frisbee game on the 2nd & 3rd Sundays in Lafreniere Park. Beginning in March we'll also have a monthly movie night. If you're interested in facilitating a teen or tween event at the ERC, let us know! Visit the calendar to sign up!

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