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Why is Ty at Dominican?

About a month ago, I received a call announcing I was the 2022 recipient of the

St. Catherine of Siena Preaching Alumna Award. According to their website, "This award will honor an alumna who exemplifies the wonderful qualities that speak of St. Catherine of Siena who was a courageous and compassionate woman. St. Catherine is the patroness of the St. Mary’s Dominican High School Alumnae Association. The preaching award recipient is a seeker of Truth, preacher of the Word by the example of her life, and inspires all to make Jesus the center of their lives. She is a true witness to the transforming power of allowing God’s will to guide her daily life."

Shocked, humbled, and grateful are the top three adjectives that came to mind during the call because the award was not on my radar. I'm not sure who nominated me for the award, but I appreciate the recognition for the work I have been able to do through many organizations and ministries. Without the love, support, and encouragement of my family and friends, I could not have invested so much into my community.

The Mass, ceremony, and luncheon were lovely and will forever be a highlight of my life. I also have to give a shout out to Celeste Anding, the wise and thoughtful Alumnae Director who selected these gorgeous vases for recipients. (so much better than a plaque) The beautiful vessel sits on my dining room table and reminds me of that special day AND to purchase fresh flowers regularly.

Following Mass, three alumnae were honored. Ty Rhea Salvant ’93 received the St. Catherine of Siena Preaching Award in recognition for preaching the Holy Word by example of her life and being an inspiration to those who seek Truth, the Resurrection, and the Life. Evelyne Windmeyer Berner and Katherine McKay Fitzmorris from the Class of 1962, were named Alumna of the Year in recognition as women who instill Christian moral values while encouraging the practice of ethical behaviors as demonstrated through their dedication to family, public service, and career.

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