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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

According to the National Retail Federation, $246 is the average expected spending amount for Mother's Day in 2022. Yes, Mothers Day is a great occasion to express your love and appreciation for your mom. Before you join the masses in purchasing something, spend time considering what would be most impactful to your mom, mother-in-law, or mother figure this year.

The amount of money we spend does not correlate to how much we love and or appreciate our mom.

Before you purchase a gift, ask yourself a few questions. Do you know what makes your mom feel loved? Would she rather spend the day with you, receive a gift, have you complete a project for her, express your love and appreciation through words, or send her for a day of pampering?

If you don't know, ask her. If she does not know, she can take a survey to help her determine what makes her feel loved. While surprise gifts are phenomenal when you get them right, it's awkward, disappointing, and frustrating when you do not. There is a simple way to find the perfect gift for your mom. Ask her. If she is unsure, download this page.

Mother's Day gift guide
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Discuss expectations with your mom.

When expectations are not met, people are disappointed. Sometimes we avoid difficult conversations as a way to keep the peace or in hopes that a situation will resolve itself.

If your mom wants to spend time with you on Mother's Day and there is no way that can happen, be upfront about it and come up with an alternative plan. Maybe you can visit at a different time or bring her to see you. If unstructured time causes a problem, find an event you can attend together. In A Mother's Reflection, there is a section dedicated to relationships between mothers and their adult children with tips on how to cultivate more positive experiences.

  • If your mom cannot visit your house without commenting, meet out.

  • Eating at a restaurant may not be ideal if your mom will complain the entire time.

  • If mom doesn't like the outdoors, forgo the concert in the park for a cooler setting.

  • Seek therapy if there are issues that you cannot move past.

Talk budget!

Have a conversation with your mom about your budget. While moms enjoy feeling appreciated, most moms would not want you going into debt, skipping meals, or postponing a bill payment over a gift.

Mom, I have $200 to spend on you this year. Is there one larger item or multiple smaller items that you would really appreciate?
Money is really tight right now and I don't have any extra to purchase a gift. I want to express my love and admiration for you, what would you appreciate?

If there is no additional cash, be upfront about that too. Communication goes a long way in all of our relationships. Commit to regular conversations, experiences, or assistance to learn more about your mom. Understanding her formative years may provide perspective on her.

Some people found solace in getting to know their moms through other people if she is no longer alive or able to provide information to you directly.

Regardless of what you do and how you celebrate, enjoy Mother's Day!

Here's a special note to the dads- while your wife, partner, or co-parent is not your mother, she is the mother of your children. Take initiative and help your children decide how to celebrate their mom in a way that she would appreciate. Being a mom is rewarding, fulfilling, exhausting, and challenging simultaneously. While appreciation and accolades should not be reserved to one day, it is nice to feel seen, heard, loved, and appreciated.

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