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Is it Time to Play?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

For several years, friends and family have asked for information on nonprofit organizations to support, join, or receive services. My homeschool organization has held several Friends & Family Nights at Carousel Gardens, and the adults have just as much fun as the children. Last year, I had the idea to combine both ideas and offer an adult-only night in Carousel Gardens to benefit local nonprofit organizations. Time to Play was created!

Visit our website to learn about the variety of necessary nonprofit organizations providing excellent services across the city. Purchase tickets in support of one or more of the organizations. Visit the organization and sponsor tables for the first 90 minutes of the event, then have fun with old and new friends! Food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages, will be available for purchase in the park.

Community Sailing New Orleans

CSNOI shall positively impact lives by providing accessible educational opportunities and the promotion of health on Lake Pontchartrain for all in the population of the region regardless of age, background, and abilities, including, as a core mission, serving the low and moderate-income and minority communities in metro New Orleans by providing access to a community asset that has been historically inaccessible to those large segments of the population.

Babyplus ForGood Foundation

To improve the future and quality of life for babies who start from the most disadvantaged beginnings. We promote and provide environmental enrichment during the earliest period of childhood development to families who otherwise would not have access.

Gigi's Playhouse New Orleans

GiGi's Playhouse New Orleans' mission is to change how the world views Down syndrome (DS) and to send a message of global acceptance for all. Our vision is to see a world where individuals with DS are accepted and embraced in their families, schools, and communities.

Ask Wonder Explore

Our goal is to create a space for children to ASK questions about the world around them, WONDER about solutions to problems that they face today and will face tomorrow, and EXPLORE to make discoveries to construct knowledge and gain an understanding of different facets of science through the lens of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) and the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

Free Nola

Our mission is to target and help eradicate the overwhelming issue of domestic human trafficking in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region,

Parenting for Life Resource Center

Our mission is to empower parents to become engaged in raising confident, emotionally happy, and healthy children. In a non-judgmental manner, we pledge to educate and train parents to develop the competence and confidence required to become active and engaged parents.


Because of our benevolent sponsors, we can donate 80% of the ticket sales to nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact


Visit Time to Play on our website or join us next week to learn about more participating organizations and sponsors!

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