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NOLA Homeschoolers is an inclusive and comprehensive resource directory for current or perspective students in the Greater New Orleans area. Ever evolving to meet the expressed needs of the community, we invite you to share useful information and invite others to join us. Open to all area homeschoolers regardless of group affiliation, NOLA Homeschoolers is a network of area families aiming to help each other succeed. Ty explains how NOLA Homeschoolers began on Sunday Journal.

Our mission is to compile, share and enhance opportunities for families. 

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What is homeschooling and how to start/ support?

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When did NOLA Homeschoolers begin?

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If you’ve suddenly found yourself with the role of Homeschool Parent, this bonus episode is for you. Ty Salvant, founder of NOLA Homeschoolers and mother of six, brings more than a decade of homeschool experience to our chat. From fun, creative learning activities for a rainy day, to finding time for yourself among the schoolbooks and remote work assignments, Ty shares a wealth of advice that will help you navigate the uncharted waters of homeschooling your children during uncertain times.

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