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Local Homeschooling Options

Are you looking for a community homeschool experience?  You are not alone!  While many families successfully homeschool independently, that doesn't work for everyone.  Options range from online classes and co-ops, to community settings or hiring someone to homeschool for you.  Here are a few choices: 

Young Scholars is comprehensive, eclectic, educational enrichment program for families who choose to homeschool in a community. 

Meeting for 7 hours each week (two mornings for 3 1/2hours), academic and co-curricular activities provide an enriching educational experience. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, we provide flexibility, support,  and a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on the whole child. Learn more about our educational philosophy here.

 Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.


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