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Q: Can I Homeschool my own children?

A: If your desire is to teach your child, you can.  Show me a parent of a child diagnosed with a rare disability and I'll show you a new expert in that field.  The same concept applies to educating your children.  Parents have a sense of obligation, motivation and dedication unparalleled to others. Additionally, due to the ratios, parents can typically personalize their child's education to their learning style, interest, and family.  Whether you teach all of their classes, find a co-op or educational program to assist or rely on an online curriculum, you can find a solution.

Q: How do I start?

A: Start with a deep breath, everything will be okay!  Now, understand why you are homeschooling.  Come up with your top 3 reasons that you evaluate annually.  If things change, your decision may change and that's okay.  If you're on a wait list for your dream school and an opening occurs, take it.  However, if your child had problems in a traditional classroom, sending her to school after you've hit a rough patch won't have the intended impact.  Keep in mind that the reasons families begin homeschooling isn't the reason most continue homeschooling.  Finally, define education for yourself.  For me, it includes volunteering, understanding how to run a household and building close sibling relationships, so all of these are incorporated into our education. 

Q: Should I wait until the end of the school year to remove my children from school?

A: That depends on your situation.  If there is not a sense of urgency, i.e. immediate harm physically, mentally or emotionally to your child, and you need time to prepare, yes, allow them to finish out the school year.  However, if you think your child might have a negative experience, pull them as soon as possible.  

Q: How much time does it take to homeschool?

A: While it varies per family, but elementary school can take from about 3 hours a day of direct learning based on the child.  Keep in mind that time doesn't need to be consecutive.  Middle- High school can take 3-6 hours a day based on the program and child.  

Q: How do I select a program?

A: Begin with discovering your Educational Philosophy, move on to Learning Styles, then find a program, curriculum or network to provide the support you need.  Some families exclusively work independently, while others homeschool in community.  There is no right or wrong way, just what works best for you during that season in your life.  Ensure that whatever you do keeps your child's best interest in mind.  

Q: How do I find other homeschoolers?

A: There are facebook groups, local homeschool groups, and websites to find information and support.  

Q: How can we participate in athletics?

A: In addition to park leagues and Homeschool Leagues, some private schools like Crescent City Christian School allows homeschool students to participate in their programs.


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