NOLA Homeschoolers

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There are two ways to homeschool in our state.  You must register annually under the:

Home Study Program requires state approval, but you are eligible for TOPS and participation in your local school activities at the discretion of the principal.


Non Public School submit a letter annually with your intent to homeschool.  One benefit to this manner is that it doesn't require additional documents to state; however, children under this program are not eligible for TOPS or participation in public school sports programs or additional activities.

Visit the Dept. of Education website for details on their new online registration process.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so make the best decision for your family.   Withdraw your child from school if applicable.  

2. Define education and Determine your educational philosophy.

3. Keep good records.

4. Connect with a local support group.

5, Repeat annually.  

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