NOLA Homeschoolers

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The annual ERC membership rate of $120 per family runs from August 1- July 31 and enables participation in:

  • Co-op
  • Drop Off Day
  • Open Studio
  • Quarterly tournaments/ special events
  • Summer Camp discounts

Fall dates: August 22nd - November 30th
breaks: September 11th-15th, November 20th-24th

 Co-op Classes Tuesday & Thursday 1-4pm

fee schedule 

$50 one day*

* PE not included

If there is space, individual classes can be taken for $10 a week plus the semester facility fee. Preference given to children attending the full day.  Classes do max out, so sign up early to secure your spot.  If you no show for  three classes in a semester, and there is a wait list, you will loose your spot.  

Drop off Day (DOD)  Wednesday's 9-1pm

Do you need a day to run errands, connect with other moms, or take a nap?  We've heard you, and we have one day a week where you can drop off your child (ages 5+) for a morning of exciting offerings!  Fees are $10 per week or $100 for the semester. Children must participate in classes every session, and may choose from the following:

                Board Games                        Pokemon                      Tutoring                     Chess

                STEM Room                        Cooking                        Yoga                           Legos

Open Studio Monday & Friday 9-1pm*

Open studio gives you time to meet, teach, learn, support, and play! There are no NOLA Homeschoolers organized classes during Open Studio, which enables you to create your own classes.  Does your co-op need a meeting space? Are you a great artist? Would you love to teach knitting or graphic design?  Would you love to play with toddlers while someone taught your child Math?  Here's a space for you to do so. There are 4 rooms available from 10am-2pm*.  Classes should be limited to 50 minutes with 10 minute clean up time. Rooms are reserved for up to a semester at a time on a first come first serve basis, and are limited to one reservation to ensure others have an opportunity to make a reservation. Students can lead classes also, however, an adult must be present at all times.

*additional hours available upon request

Quarterly Events

Quarterly Saturday events will be held!  Families who have paid the facility fee will receive 1/2 off the registration of tournament fees!
  • Pokemon             
  • Chess
  • Academic Games
  • Service Projects