NOLA Homeschoolers

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Academic Games

Academic Games Leagues of America (AGLOA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing “Thinking Kids” of character, excellence, and integrity. AGLOA provides a series of Academic Games competitions throughout the nation resulting in a national championship tournament in late April each year. Students who excel academically have a chance to compete and be rewarded for their accomplishments. Academic Games tournaments challenge students to use higher order thinking skills in the subjects of Language Arts, English, History and Mathematics. Players receive recognition and awards in the same way that sports champions are honored.

Q. How long has there been a homeschool team?

A. NOLA Homeschoolers has had a team for the past 5 years. 

Q. How do you compare to area schools?

A. During our first and second year, we qualified two students for Nationals, and years three-five,  that number jumped between six and seven!  We'd love to qualify more this year! 

Q. When do you meet?

A. Weekly practices are Wednesday's from 3-5pm. 

Q. What should I bring to practice with me?

A. Team members should come with a notebook, notes, games (if applicable), and a pen or pencil. 

Q. Is one weekly practice enough to prepare you for competition?

A. Members are encouraged to practice about 3 hours a week outside of group practices, which includes reading rules, watching videos, playing online through Quizlet or AGLOA or with other members, and using notes.

Q. How many people are on a team?

A. Teams consists of 5 members in most divisions. If there are more than 5 members in a particular division, teams will be determined by practice tournament scores and dedication to the team.  

Academic Games 2016-17 Important Dates

Propaganda Sept. 20, 21 Sections A, B Sept. 27, 28 Sections D, E

Saturday, Nov. 5th Inter-School EQ Practice Brother Martin 1-3:30

Equations Nov. 8, 9 Rounds 1 & 2, Nov. 15, 16 Rounds 3 & 4

Saturday practice November 12th at Smith Library

December 11th Winter Awards Ceremony Brother Martin 6-7:30

Presidents Jan. 10  (#1-24) , 11 (#25-34) , Jan. 17  (#25-44), 18( #35-44) 

Saturday practice January 14th at Smith Library

Saturday, Mar. 4th Inter-School OS Practice Brother Martin 1-3:30

On-Sets Mar. 7, 8 (Rounds 1 & 2) Mar. 14, 15 (Rounds 3 & 4)
Saturday practice March 11th at Smith Library

April 28-May 1st 2017 AGLOA National Tournament - Wheeling, WV

May 7th Spring Awards Ceremony Christian Brothers School 7-8:30